Top 5 Technology Companies

Top 5 Technology Companies


As expected Apple INC. is at the top of the food chain when it comes to technology companies of 2015. When you hear the word Apple you automatically associate the word to your most favorite toys such as your Iphone, Macbook, Ipad and your; most likely humiliating; ipod (yeah, we know you have some britney spears hiding somewhere in there). But what makes all these products so effortlessly astonishing is the stunning operating systems that Apple has developed in order to make all of our lives as simple as ever, OS X and iOS are the basis of what makes Apple, well just that, Apple. With the production of hardware, their very own operating systems, software that we are ever so familiar with like itunes and safari and online services like icloud and the Mac app store it's no wonder they were the first company in the United States to be valued at over $700 billion dollars. To be exact, $741.8 BILLION!



                What began as an uncomplicated regular bland search engine Google graduated to be so much more. From providing simple information to becoming a basis of all android systems and supplying us with the organization we all crave with programs ranging from google maps, google docs, gmail, google books, google news, google play, and etc. they have proved a tremendous advancement. I’m sure all of us have heard “oh, just look it up on google” at least once in our lives, which we all contribute to processing over one billion search requests each day. With their partnership with AdWords and other owned sites such as Youtube and Blogger, Google is valued at a whopping $367.6 billion dollars!


                How can this company not make the list, oh yes you guessed it, Microsoft, from their dynamic gaming systems, Xbox, to the organization go-to Microsoft Office, they literally covered everything from A to Z. In 2015 microsoft managed to release windows 10 with its beautifully chic interface it's no wonder Windows dominates the operating system market by a long shot running on more than 91 percent of computers today. With that being said Microsoft comes in third with a value of $340.8 billion dollars!



Ah,, probably my go to for any type of service, products, furniture, that one shirt you wanted ten years ago and could never find anywhere, amazon most likely has it. We commend amazon for making everything we can think of so accessible, they aren't just for shopping though, they also offer web hosting, video streaming, audiobooks and so much more. Amazon even connects us all over the world, it's available in ten different languages! As of May 2015 Amazon's market cap was at 175.1 billion dollars, and was rated number eight of the world's most innovative companies in forbes. Kudos Amazon!



With their wide array of software ranging from cloud, watson, and mobile first, International Business Machines Corporation is well on their way to the top. Developerworks premium is also another featured product from IBM it provides the user with a connection to essential tools, assets and support needed to create and and present extraordinary projects. Big Blues, advanced business intelligence, data analytics, security, and business advising in technology, they have proved that they are the absolute go to when running your business efficiently. IBM is currently valued at $160.2 billion dollars! If you ask me those are some handsome figures.