Top 3 Refrigerators

Top 3 Refrigerators

#3 Samsung RS25J500D

This appliance's features such as quick freeze, quick cool and full LED display, the Samsung RS2J500D is very efficient. The refrigerator has dimensions that are a little different from others on this list, meaning you will have to measure your kitchen before purchasing this appliance. This appliance is energy efficient and will not lead to high energy costs.

Pros: The ultra bright LED display panel allows consumers to monitor their fridge, freezer, water and ice controls with ease.
Cons: The refrigerator has odd dimensions and one of the largest door spans.


Even though this refrigerator is an expensive purchase, it makes up for the cost by being highly energy efficient. This GE model has earned a 90 percent efficiency rating based on third party research. This model will cost roughly $77 a year to operate. Additionally, the fridge has abundant shelving with five shelves in the freezer alone.  And it comes in multiple colors to match the rest of your kitchen.

Pros: 90 percent energy efficiency rating by third party.
Cons: This GE model does not come with any temperature-controlled drawers or soda racks.

#1 Kenmore Elite 51773

This Kenmore Elite model has the highest grocery capacity of all the other fridges we reviewed. While this refrigerator is standard size, the freezer is about 3 cubic feet larger than other models. The Kenmore Elite 51773 is a great choice for families because of the wide-open space inside this unit. Additionally, the fridge comes with a child lock and door-ajar feature which are great tools for preventing kids from snooping or wasting water and ice. 

Pro: The Kenmore Elite tops the list for most storage capacity with 28 cubic feet of space inside.
Cons: Lower energy rating than other models in this list.