Frequently Asked Questions

To file a dispute against a company or organization please visit the dispute page located here. Please provide as much information possible including your complete contact information and any reference number or account number you have with the company or organization you are filing a dispute for. Please keep in mind that in order for US Consumer Protection to help you with your dispute, we must be able to prove that you have been wronged by the company or organization by reviewing your details. Once we determine that there is a possibility that you have been wronged US Consumer Protection will help mediate a resolution with the company on your behalf and/or file a dispute with the State's Attorney General on your behalf.
Search for the company using our search form and click on the company profile. Once you are on the company profile page, click on "Post a Review." Please be factual in your review and provide as much detail as possible.
All companies using the US Consumer Protection trust seal should make the seal clickable on their websites. The seal, once clicked, should lead you to their profile here on Additionally, you may search for the company on and view their profile page to see if they have the right to use the US Consumer Protection Trust Seal.
No. does not allow companies or organizations to pay to be promoted or allow any company or organization to pay to remove/add reviews.
No. All companies and organizations must earn the trust seal by going through a review by us. Companies that are interested in the trust seal must contact us directly.
No. is an independent web based organization. is not part of or affiliated with the United States Federal Government and is in no way part of or affiliated with any governmental entity.
If you have found a review the violates the posting rules mentioned in the website rules page, you may click the "report review" button found at the end of each review. Provide as much information as to why you think this review violates the terms set out by the website and we will investigate the review further. If we determine that the review does indeed violate our rules, we will remove the review within 24 hours and may suspend or terminate the account of the user who submitted the review.